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Whether it’s about brand awareness customer satisfaction order value or even revenue growth (see picture below) for this reason, what is likely to be one of the business problems today? (including the future) is to focus on business and create a good experience for customers. Of course, a good and ready marketing technology will give businesses the potential to create good customer experiences, especially when we enter the digital age where many experiences. Customers are connect to the online world and must be connect to the offline world as well.

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Or as many people may call it omnichannel oo marketeitng) challenges and obstacles of experience business of course, creating a new customer experience is not just a matter of using technology alone. But it has to be a collaboration between people and technology in order to be able to use the tools most effectively and create the best customer experience. With that in mind, what adobe is reiterating this year is that List of Phone Numbers in Gansu organizations ne to understand and know who the experience makers are. And make these people into important teams that must work together. It’s not just setting up a digital marketing department. Or throw marketing duties to one department. In addition, the current technology like adobe experience cloud shows that working to create a customer experience must cover end-to-end.

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Business obstacles I tri to ask adobe executives what are the barriers or limitations that prevent many the business is still unable to reach the level of being an experience business as it should be (even though research from many institutions will say that this is the era of customer experience). Adobe’s USA Person Data answer is quite interesting. That’s a matter of hr. Even though senior executives have bought-in in terms of strategy or business direction. But moving an organization to where it should be requires people with the ability, skills and understanding to be able to design and implement technologies.

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