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There is one advantage because ar technology is available out of the box. It’s not as complicated as vr that requires additional equipment. Nowadays, there are many apps that use ar to create fun experiences that many people are already familiar with. The opening of facebook’s ar studio is like entering a period when the technology is “Ready” for consumers. Making camera effects that are fun to play with it’s normal. Meanwhile if it’s on the developer side, doing ar content experience through facebook is a very good thing because nowadays, people generally use facebook app normally on smartphones already, which inevitably cuts the old steps when developing ar.

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Going out like loading new apps into the device, which is something that many people may not choose to do it unless they have really good content like in the case of pokemon go. In Bahamas Phone Number addition, we can still believe that facebook will definitely try to “Push” more use of ar on the facebook platform. Just like before pushing video content so what should marketers prepare? If you think about it simply, using ar is creating new content in the virtual world to overlap with the real world again. Of course, it gives creatives the opportunity to come up with new ideas.

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In telling stories, presenting information, or creating many new experiences plus, this time you don’t have to worry about creating new apps that require a lot of budget. There should be plenty of opportunities to come up with something fun. Things to do for agencies quickly send a USA Person Data programmer team to the ar studio. Creative teams find ar jobs and try something fun. To understand it quickly the sales team is no different. Should know what it is, how it works, and hurry up to talk to customers about something fun before anyone else. That’s about it. Let’s wait and see who will make a cool facebook ar campaign for us to see first share the knowledge.

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