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However what I start to see the problem was that when. Everyone then pump out the contents we often see similar content, same content. It came out because the story. Of this content often came from insight of similar customers or using the same techniques. They are so similar that sometimes they cannot be distinguish from who. Now the key question is if anyone do something similar, not much different in appearance, so how can we “stand out”? It will come back that we have to find our own value proposition and focus clearly. The same way big brands do (for example, coca cola / r bull) and create a “memory” with their target audience.

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To create this “Remembrance”, it is necessary for content workers to understand. Branding quite well because it is not just about creating content that meets the nes of the target group alone. But must mix the necessary elements to build a brand. Knowing what’s and what’s not to make a brand’s image more. Sharp” my advice has always been to not try to be everything. And pleasing everyone but it’s important Jiangsu Phone Number that you be something obvious. Although people may like you a little less. But if it makes you somebody, then it might be more worth it than if you were nobody or ordinary. Content optimization with. The content competition becoming more and more intense with so many content creators, scrambling for “attention” to create opportunities for content consumption is an important skill and skill that content creators must know. For example, what kind of post with this type of content will create the opportunity to get the most attention.

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How to post a video for the audience to see the content most effectively in addition to the form of posting we are also challeng by other factors. Relat such as the use of content in different channels posting at different times, using programmatic / automation to create content USA Person Data that better meets the target audience. And that makes optimization skills in different modes, whether format optimization / audience optimization / mia optimization become something that content creators must know and do.

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