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Bill Gates if you want the next Google Knowledge Graph to appear on the screen. You will most likely ask your personal assistant a complete question such as: .Who is Bill Gates.. Figure Rice. Results of the query .Who is Bill Gates. But you must understand that this is a simple ratio. We don’t have separately tracked voice search data that shows us a clear pattern. As you will see later in this article conversational queries give us a much better chance of predicting the intent of someone who is searching. This is a great feature because it gives us the ability to tailor the content of the site as well as the ads.

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Local businesses need to be innovative About – years ago Google didn’t offer users any interesting and useful results for local queries. Here’s what I would see if I googled .where am I. and then .show me what I can do here. Figure Rice. Search results for .show me what I can do here. .several years ago. Google now shows a map of your current location when you ask Uruguay Mobile Number List the question .where am I.. After the query .what to do here. you will receive a list of popular attractions that are nearby .Google remembers your search history in order to maintain contextual relevance. Figure Rice. Modern search result for the phrase .what can I do here. What does this mean for local businesses.

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Well mobile phones have become an important source of information about local companies for consumers. This trend .targeting local businesses. was visible as early as August in a Meditative Spotlight survey. According to their study . of people search for local businesses using their smartphone at least once a week while . search daily. Not surprisingly mobile USA Person voice search is three times more likely to be local than text search. This opens up huge opportunities for local businesses. Experiment with keywords that include local attractions and neighborhood names as suffixes.


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