In a Business System It is Natural for a Page to

Build backlinks on your shopify store
in addition to internal links, you can start to build backlinks so that your website has better quality in the eyes of google.

Backlinks are links from other web pages that point to your website. As a tip, you can do a marketing strategy with your business partners to share links with each other to increase your seo ranking.


Use consumer reviews

google likes it when your website has unique content, regular updates and activity and satisfaction of your customers. In addition, consumer reviews  on your website can help generate some sales.


Set redirects on all old product pages

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in a business system, it is natural for a page to have a product stock that is out of stock because it is sold out. The consequence if you delete a product page that has Hong Kong Phone Number run out of stock is making that page an error. This will cause a bounce or reflection by your website visitors who immediately close the product page on your website.

The solution you can set redirect on the old product page to the new page.


8. Use blog features

in addition to optimization on product pages, you can also add blog pages to further enrich the keywords you have on your website. The more relevant and varied keywords, the more people will visit your website.


9. Shopify has an automatic sitemap, use it to make google indexing easier
there is no need to worry for shopify users about the existence of a sitemap, because shopify has provided a sitemap.xml file automatically. So this sitemap will help make it easier for your website in the google crawl process to be indexed on search pages.

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