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Most adults need at least hours of sleep. Children teenagers and the elderly often require even more. Sleep mechanism. The sleep-wake cycle The quality of sleep is determined by a process called the sleep-wake cycle . This cycle has two main phases Non-REM sleep also known as deep sleep. REM phase REM stands for rapid eye movement also known as REM sleep. During the phase of non-REM sleep the body relaxes breathing normalizes pressure drops the brain becomes less sensitive to external stimuli which subsequently makes the process of awakening easier.

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This stage is the most significant for the complete recovery of the body. During non-REM sleep the pituitary gland releases a hormone that stimulates tissue growth and muscle repair .In addition researchers are confident that the restoration of the immune system also occurs during this period. The slow-wave sleep phase is especially important for Guatemala Mobile Number List athletes. For example such famous professional athletes as Roger Federer or LeBron James sleep for – hours . For another example of the effect of sleep on physical performance consider a study conducted with Stanford basketball players. During the entire experiment the athletes had to sleep for at least hours instead of the usual .

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Observations were carried out for weeks. As a result there was a clear beneficial effect of prolonged sleep the percentage of free throw shots increased by the percentage of shooting from the three-point line – by And also during the race for meters an increase in the speed of athletes by an average of . seconds was noted. Therefore with heavy physical exertion to USA Person restore the body’s strength it is necessary to have a long deep sleep. REM sleep has the same effect on the brain as deep sleep does on the body. During the entire sleep the brain feels relatively calm but in the REM phase it seems to come to life. During this period he invents and processes new information.


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