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You’re creating a slideshow keep it simple and visually appealing. Use strong imagery and minimal text on your slides. For these purposes you can use a tool such as for example Haiku Deck. Remember providing value should be your top priority. If you want to know how to provide value you ne to know more about your audience more specifically what they like. If you want to know what content your audience likes look at existing content that is relevant to your niche. There are two approaches to this issue. First you can study successful blog posts relat to your niche.

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Then try to create a very informative video bas on the topics of those posts. You can find blog posts like this with BuzzSumo. Or just take a look at other YouTube videos that have been successful in your niche. Try to create a better video a video that could be of more value would contain more insights. If you are an expert in your niche then this will not be difficult. Use other Indian Phone Number List videos for inspiration. If you’re having a hard time just try to figure out how to improve the other video and what neds to be done to get it. Did the author miss something really important Is the video able to fully explain the individual sections of the topic Are the videos able to provide actual results/examples on the topic Was the video too slow or too fast Was there too much information.

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The screen or was something missing Can charts be us to better illustrate certain information Can any other data be use You can also read the comments about this video. Perhaps something was misse from the point of view of the audience. You can also use the YouTube search engine to find new content ideas. For example I’m in the business of eucating people and telling them “how to make a pond” or making one for them and I want to create some kind of content marketing material on that topic. I can just type “how to create a pond” in the YouTube search box. And I have a list of content ideas in front of my eyes. picture- Rice. . YouTube Search Results Not USA Person all ideas are equally significant so I can choose the first option and see what results come up in response to AutoComplete”. After I enter the phrase “how to make a pond in the yard” I was provide with a list of useful ideas.


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