If You Have Successfully Added Your

If google search console and it has been verified, now you can start using this platform by understanding the terms and their usage in the following guide:


1. Know the terms in google search console
important terms that you need to know before using this tool are:

impression each link in a url that appears in Hong Kong Phone Number search results is called an impression. So, this impression describes the total display of a url link in search results. Even though the url link is not clicked or even seen by searchers, it is still called an impression.

if the user clicks on a link and it appears


in google search results, then this is considered a single click.
Click through rate (ctr)
ctr is the calculated ratio of clicks divided by impressions then multiplied by 100. So, if your link appears 20 times in search results and gets a total of 10 clicks, it means that the ctr is 50 percent.

2. Determine the target country
if you have a target audience in a specific country, you can give google a command to target the country of your choosing. The trick, you can go to the “search traffic” menu and click the “international targeting” sub menu.

After that, select the “country” tab and specify the country you want to target.

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3. Adding an xml sitemap
xml sitemap serves to provide information to search engines about all the pages contained on the website.

So adding an xml sitemap to your website can help search engines crawl your website.

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4. Connect google search console and google analytics
connecting google search console and google analytics can help you get data that you can analyze,

to connect it, you can go to the google analytics dashboard, then click the admin menu in the lower left corner.

After that, select the “property setting” menu then click the “adjust search console” button and click “save”.

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