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How to integrate a payment gateway in my online store

With these tips, you will be able to properly How to integrate optimize your online store and increase your sales opportunities. Always remember to stay up to date on SEO best practices and put them into practice on your website. And if you want some more tips, download our Online Store Conversion Guide . Understand the differences between MQL and SQL Digital marketing 04/22/2022 The terms MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads or Leads Qualified by Marketing) and SQL (Sales Qualified Leads or Leads Qualified by Sales) are very common in meetings between marketing and sales teams of companies. But, do you know what each one represents? The main difference between the two is the criteria used.

How does a payment gateway work

While MQL is a lead qualified by marketing criteria, SQL has also been validated by the commercial team. Both are part of the SLA that must exist between marketing and sales, in an inbound sales process. To understand how this works, let’s go through a few steps: Define the ideal customer profile (ICP) Define the SLA between marketing and sales Establish the qualification criteria Create a qualification process Measure the Colombia WhatsApp Number List results and re-evaluate the criteria Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) First, it’s important to be clear about the customer profile you want to bring to your company. The ICP, in English. Ideal Customer Profile, must be uniting the areas of marketing, sales and product (or post-sales).

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Payment gateway benefits

Start by assessing your current customer base and identify which customers have been with you the longest, are most satisfied with your business , and are most profitable . Identify which are the most common characteristics among them, observe some classifications such as: Company size field of activity business maturity Internal structure Tools and technologies you use lead authority Let’s say your company specializes in implementing USA Person an ERP system with an average ticket of R$50,000 for the setup and monthly fees of around R$5,000. Given the size of the project, very small companies are unlikely to make this type of investment. So, you should focus on medium and large companies.

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