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Performance marketing is a model of activities that are to encourage the recipient to perform a specific action and the advertiser pays for its effect actions performed by the user not for displaying. It is important to note however that a specific activity does not necessarily mean a purchase. Specific actions are for example clicking a banner subscribing to a mailing list entering a page or a given tab reading a text measured by scrolling the page to a specific point completing a survey downloading a file leaving data for later contact or any other action that must be performed by the user. Benefits of performance marketing Measurability The biggest advantage of performance marketing is its measurability.

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Each action gives very accurate results so we can easily check what reach the ad has reached how many people it reached and how many people reacted to it. In this way we receive clear VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists information which tools lead to sales most effectively and focus on them. Savings and maximizing profits Thanks to this you no longer need to create ads and campaigns intuitively and by feel just make a few of them and check which works best for your audience. In the long run this means not only very large savings because you will no longer have to spend funds on ineffective activities but also high advertising effectiveness and information about what works best for our target group.

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In short performance marketing maximizes profits without changing the budget and even gives information that can even reduce it which is what every advertiser strives for. Transparency of ad USA Person spend However this brings another advantage worth mentioning: our advertising costs become transparent we know exactly how much we spend and on what. This opens the way to effective ad optimization and to reducing the cost of reaching and acquiring the customer. It is thanks to the tools used in performance marketing that we are able to price a single click and arrange the strategy of actions so that this cost is as low as possible.


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