How and why to have a responsive website

Perhaps there is a competitive differential for a specific branch, for example. Your software fits like a glove for logistics companies. Put this in your ICP and go into detail, including criteria where you can bring greater add value or expertise. The next step is to establish an SLA between marketing and sales SLA is nothing more than a combination, an agreement, between the two departments. Deep down, they align expectations and share responsibilities in the acquisition and sale process. Marketing and sales acting together are fundamental to accelerate the company’s growth. In general, marketing is responsible for attracting and capturing qualifie leads.

What is a responsive website

Thus, base on the ICP, we already have clarity of what is important for the company and what can be considere a qualifie lead. So what are the quality levels expecte by the sales team that marketing must deliver? Basically leads inside the ICP. On the other hand, the sales team is expected to fulfill its part in the sales process: providing a quick service to the lead. Taking advantage of the information already collect so that the Chile WhatsApp Number List approach is more intelligent and personalize and, of course, giving feedback and returning information from qualification for the marketing team. In this process, the use of a good CRM is essential for information to travel from one side to the other in a systematic and automate way.

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Why have a responsive website

Only then can marketing identify which strategies and channels are being most effective to generate sales and not just leads. Let’s practice. Establishing the qualification criteria Going back to our tech company example. We need to understand how to gather the information need to establish whether a lead is on the ICP. Let’s go to the hypothetical ICP: Small-medium-size company : annual revenues between BRL 5 million and BRL 90 million or with between 100 and 500 employees Field of activity : logistics Business maturity : an active company USA Person seeking to become professional or a new company, but the founders already have extensive experience in the field Internal structure.


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