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Now shorten this text. Cut back until you come up with a strong statement that has real impact. Unique offer Your unique offer is closely related to the previous point – elevator pitching. This is what sets you apart from everyone else in your industry or specialty. If there are entrepreneurs who offer the same service why should a client choose you Why should the audience pay attention to you What is your unique value Your Unique Proposition should be concise articulated in a single sentence that clearly explains who you are what your strengths are and how your audience can benefit from your products.

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picture- Rice. Unique business proposition A unique offer typically covers three categories Quality refers to quality materials or ingredients craftsmanship or private production. For example The best ingredients. The best pizza from Papa Johns. Price – Price is not the best unique offer but it can work if you have the best prices guarantees discounts or Iceland Mobile Number List unique special offers. Services – This may refer to returns warranties or extended service to meet the needs of the customer. For example Tom’s Shoes distributes shoes to those in need. This is an extremely important component of branding.

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Your unique proposition will be present in all your marketing communications and influence your reach questions. Specific audience Determining your area of ​​expertise is only part of the story. You must know exactly who you are serving. Building a brand is meaningless if you don’t know who your target audience is. Define your audience. Then any content you create USA Person will be meaningful as will the marketing efforts that will lead to brand monetization. picture- Rice. Who is our target audience Think of it like playing darts. You get points if you hit the board. But you get more points if you hit the center. If there is no target you throw darts blindly.


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