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Once the payment split is completed, the payment gateway must notify the Central Bank of the total transacted and how much was transferred to each company As the payment was received directly, each of the companies involved is responsible for issuing an invoice and collecting taxes only on their part, also avoiding unnecessary double taxation Sound complex? But, the good thing is that the whole process is done by companies that are specialists and follow strict rules. So, entrepreneurs who intend to launch a service like this, just create a registration in the payment gateway of their choice. This page element is often the most accessed by those looking for a service provider company.

Take the test and find out if your site is slow

After that, just start earning! Do you want to better understand how a digital payment works? Then download the infographic we created to explain the step by step! Register and access the digital payment flowThe purpose of the institutional website is to communicate between the company and its target audience by publicizing and presenting the brand, products and services offered. But, this shouldn’t be news to you. So, let’s move on to a more fundamental Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List question about institutional pages: What should I have on my website? Below, we list some features and elements that cannot be missin. Good language You must plan the institutional website to be part of your company’s digital communication strategy.

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My website is slow now what

He needs to bring the brand closer to the customer. Therefore, it is essential that the language adopted meets the needs of the person who interacts with your company. Therefore, adapt the writing to pass the information in a clear and objective way, thinking about the characteristics of those who access the site. Also remember that your website features not just the products, but the brand as a whole. Presentation The institutional page has the mission of presenting your USA Person company to the user who came to it, most of the time, through searches carried out in search engines, mainly Google. With that in mind, get ready to “sell your fish”. That is, in this space, you must say who the company is and what it offers that differentiates it from others in the market.


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