Fight child marriage and child violence with orphaned boy Naeem

In Bangladesh, child trafficking, child marriage, and child labor are a cursed existence that destroys generations of local children. Nayeem, a 17-year-old leader of a funded children’s forum. Has so far prevented 37 child marriages. Assisted two victims of sexual harassment and rescued a child trafficking case. Naeem lost his parents at a very young age, so Naeem’s childhood grew up unattended and neglected. Which turned him into an introverted boy who was afraid to speak in public and faced challenges. It is not easy to have such courage. W030-0760-022 Photo Credit: Taiwan World Vision “One day. I saw some boys in a meeting, and the content they discussed attracted me.”

Naeem asked one of the boys and learned

that they were members of the children’s forum, so he began to participate in the forum activities out of curiosity. “I never knew what children’s rights were. After attending the forum, I realized that I was a child Panama Phone Number laborer and abused child.” Naim said excitedly. Since then, he has actively participated in various trainings and has taken a step closer to participating in leadership activities. The boy who used to be shy in speaking in public began to teach others how to speak confidently. Through the activities of the Children’s Forum. Naeem and his partners trained 1,300 children in eight schools on child safety, child law, and child rights.

Naeem said: “Change is always accompanied by many challenges.

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As long as someone supports and encourages me, this is my strength to persevere further.” You are invited to choose to sponsor the child who has been waiting the longest! When you transform a child’s life, you create hope for the next generation of the world. Learn more: The content of this article is provided by “Taiwan World Vision”, and has been edited and edited by the Key Review Network Media Group.

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