Does my business need a CRM

Currently do not use ERP software or use X, Y or Z system and seek cost reduction; need integration with platform A, B or C Lead authority : C-level, IT manager or purchasing department We have very clear criteria, now the challenge begins: how to collect this information in an easy way? Collecting lead information Here comes the main advantage of the concept of MQL and SQL. Some basic information may be request from leads when registering, downloading material or even requesting a quote. Data such as title, industry and number of employees are already a great initial filter.

Main benefits that a CRM can bring to your company

The lead that meets these criteria earns marketing-qualifie lead status. That is, it became an MQL . If a lead contacts you and is outside the agreed criteria, it can be automatically discard. Thus keeping your lead base healthy and segment. On the other hand, those that meet the basic criteria should be sent directly to the CRM. They can even be distributed among sellers. For example, a C-level from a large company can be forward China WhatsApp Number List directly to the commercial director while the others go through pre-sales. So far I’ve talk about marketing and sales, but an important piece has emerge here: the pre-salesperson.

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Control of internal flows

See your role below. Defining a lead qualification process I understand that you may have already been discourage and found everything very complicate. But the benefits of a structure qualification process are enormous. Increase productivity of the sales team: avoiding wasting salespeople’s time with unqualified leads Optimization of marketing budgets: rapid qualification of leads already at the time of registration allows identifying the USA Person most accurate channels and campaigns Accelerate growth: this process is essential to scale your sales You may have notice that we defined detaile criteria, but MQL took into account only part of the information.


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