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Display. In retrospect. the fictional movie title Lucky Star is also reminiscent of the Merces Benz star. Mia reaction to the ad campaign was mix. been prais as a new form of product placement. while others have criticiz Merces for deliberately exploiting the beliefs of moviegoers. Previous Stealth Marketing article. Sony EricssonBack to main article Stealth Marketing. Sneaking in between This entry was post in Stealth Marketing on the day of yr. Keywords. examples. definitions. stealth marketing. Customer heart Your contact request.

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We support companies with seminars. training Cyprus Phone Number List courses. ! How can we help you. The best stealth marketing campaigns Sony Ericsson Read the current part-form blog thread for more exciting activities on the topic of stealth marketing. Sony Ericsson Year of the City Visitor Sony Ericsson was one of the first companies to launch a mobile phone with a camera attachment. Phones can be extend with low-end cameras. Sony Ericsson hopes to bring it to the market soon. but for this future-orient technology phone. it is difficult from the company’s point of view to formulate a suitable marketing campaign. which can simultaneously.

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Inspire and inspire new features of the USA Person phone. John Malone.  Ericsson ( ). It’s not just a typical phone with phone calls. it’s much more. How would you explain this in a magazine ad. Because of these unique circumstances. we opt for a natural. human-to-human experience. Sony Ericsson’s decision spark one of the most famous and successful campaigns in the history of stealth marketing. Sony Ericsson hires in US cities paid actors to advertise the phone. Actors often stand in twos and threes at tourist attractions such.

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