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Use images of faces You probably already noticed that in my articles. I use a lot of images of people’s faces. For example picture- Rice. An example of using a face image in Neil Patel’s blog I also put my own image on. My site picture- Rice. An example of using your own image on a website For what Because as it turns out power is hidden in facial expressions. It is a universal language understood by everyone. Let me explain.

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Let’s say you’re trying to connect with someone from a foreign country. But heshe speaks a completely different language. In this case communication through words will be meaningless. What this person says will sound like gibberish to you and vice versa. But facial signals can be understood regardless of the language of communication. In fact this is how Bolivia Mobile Number List children comprehend the world. Before they learn to speak they primarily rely on the facial expressions and tone of voice of each of their parents to help them understand the meaning. That is the human brain has an innate ability to process facial signals so images of people’s faces are ideal for conveying emotions.

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Pictures can also help you build trust. Pay attention to how Tim Ferris’s photo exudes a certain atmosphere – you feel that he knows his stuff and are ready to sign up for his course picture- Rice. Image usage example by Tim Ferris You will be doing yourself a huge favor if you weave images of people into your content. This will evoke certain emotions in your audience and also make them perform a certain action. Use color to evoke emotion in the user USA Person¬†How else can you make your audience feel a certain way Use the right colors. Each color has a specific meaning so using a color that matches the emotion you want to evoke can be a very beneficial strategy.


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