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So this is important to keep in mind. 3 tips to make your emails more accessible But how? With some small checks and adjustments, you can easily start making your e-mails more accessible. 1. Check the use of color First: check the color contrast. To be Western Sahara B2B List are not always 100% accessible either. But we pay attention to it and try to improve it, that’s where it starts. Not all color combinations in corporate identity work equally well with each other. That is why Western Sahara B2B List whether, for example, the contrast is large enough. Check with this free tool from WebAIM whether the contrast between the titles and background is large enough. This way you will quickly find out which color combinations you should leave out in your emails.

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Your colleagues can use a clear e-mail template that not only guarantees corporate identity, but also the dog accessibility standards. Share templates with colleagues The next step is to make templates available online to your colleagues in a user-friendly format. In this Western Sahara B2B List accessible content is not only limited to the communication team. This is not a static process. Continue to monitor whether the templates are still sufficient and meet the need. Take on a directing role in this instead of micromanagement. Because by letting colleagues use Western Sahara B2B List essential accessibility and communication guidelines are guaranteed, you are assured of accessible e-mail content. Organization-wide. So you don’t have to keep doing a personal check per statement or reminding your colleagues. Much more fun for your colleagues.

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This makes your transition measurable and demonstrable. Steps towards more digital accessibility From websites in 2018 to apps in 2021: means of communication must become increasingly accessible. It will become a hygiene factor and Western Sahara B2B List agencies. Commercial parties will also have to take their social responsibility for a more accessible virtual world. Technology will play an important role in this. The software makes it easier Western Sahara B2B List accessible resources. But sympathizing and empathizing with the other? That is a role that we all need to take up as human beings. & While I’m working on video content, I should also mention some editing apps. You probably already know Kinemaster and iMovie.

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