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Abbreviations / abbreviations in business and marketing 06/20/2021 what should we do with digitial marketing in the next year? 12/17/2014 follow nuttaputch subscribe to youtube latest post don’t do content if you don’t have a clear strategy. 11/14/2022 3 important points to think about before. Creating content 11/01/2022 4 types of value that make people want to see content 10/31/2022 latest vlogs content that doesn’t get engagement may not be because of the content itself. 11/01/2021 principles of creating great customer experiences 10/31/2021 why send employees to upskill & skill and come back not effective? 10/30/2021 advertising and public.

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Relations policy copyright – nuttaputch wongreanthong | images and articles are copyright. It is forbidden to copy and distribute without prior permission. Content marketing trends and practices in 2018 (in my opinion) 11/16/2017 content marketing near the end of the year we start asking what Jiangxi Phone Number marketers should be doing next year. What will be the trend or to-do that must be done to cope with the new changes? Many people ask me about this as well. Therefore, this is the origin of this article in which we will talk about content marketing 2018 (as for other topics.

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I will talk about other articles). But I have to say first that I don’t want to call it a trend, but I think this is what we should think, consider and adapt in the changing content environment. Which is the following: 1. Finding a clear content value proposition in the past 1-2 years, I think agencies USA Person Data and brands have start to learn to create more diverse content. Start to find new ways to create content categories to create engagement, some to emphasize. Entertainment of consumers, which will be about content that is more than just selling things but trying to move towards more value content.

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