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I myself have download many apps and delet them or left them without touching them again.) app_download_3 3. The amount of loading / using the app of thai people continuing from the previous point the average thai person has about 21 apps install on their devices, but only 9 apps were us in the last 30 days. Paid apps are even less, leaving only 4 apps. This information may be a suggestion for app makers that it would not be easy to get people to download our app. What’s more, more than 50% of the apps that are already load are not being us.

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App download_2 actually, there is still some interesting information about the app market, including techniques that app makers should know quite a bit. If interest, download this whitepaper to read. Appsynth share the knowlge! Mobile appstatistics see more details follow the news via line Afghanistan Phone Number at nuttaputch add friends previous article 5 secs is enough – advertising clip, catch a party, challenge the press of skip ad with thai ideas. Next article [t watch] how to save yourself from a bad meeting relat posts the future of mobile devices and the internet that will change the world [infographic] 02/12/2014 what brands do thai people search for online? 10/11/2013 what.

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Is the first and last thing thais do when sitting in front of a computer? [infographic] 08/27/2013 ep 71: when facebook hides likes, reactions and views, what will happen? 10/03/2019 podcast when facebook announc a test to hide likes, reactions and views, it was a signal to marketers USA Person Data about how it would affect content creation. Mia planning the same is true for publishers / influencers. Let’s try to talk about it in the beginning in this episode. Share the knowlge! Facebook see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article ep 70: the terrible disease of marketers call marketing.

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