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So imposing something from above on so many different countries probably wouldn’t work,” Driessen said. “Each country has its own working Gabon B2B List calendar and of course wishes and needs.” That is why it is important that you ask for input from all parties involved. Although you probably cannot take everything with you, it is a lot more likely that you will create support if people have contributed their own ideas. Which language do you choose? There Gabon B2B List Dutch content will be published on your Dutch website. Even though the choice for a general language such as English often seems ‘nice and easy’, it is often not nearly as effective as communicating in the target group’s native language.

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This ensures more interaction and higher search results . And so you are going to publish content for the Spanish website in Spanish. But Gabon B2B List the Argentinian too? Although Spanish is spoken in both countries, there are nuances in the language. And don’t forget the difference in culture. It is therefore advisable to adapt it to the context and culture of the target group in every country where you publish content. Also read: Crossing the Gabon B2B List site: 5 tips for international SEO What kind of content do you publish? Okay, so for every country a different language, that’s clear. But what do you actually do with the content of your content? Do you want the same content for every country, or can they fill this in locally? It is best to include in the content strategy in advance how each country will implement this.

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Do you have global content that Gabon B2B List throughout the organization? Then you have to deliver it from your head office to the website owners and it can be translated (ie including the translated context!) on every website. But to really keep the target audience involved, it’s a good idea to also publish localized content. Therefore, draw up Gabon B2B List which requirements content must meet. Which tone of voice should you use? What should the overall message be? But also: who monitors the success of the content, and how is it measured? If you keep this the same in all countries, it is much easier to compare. Digital as a service Okay, you’ve asked different countries for their input, drawn up content guidelines, ensured good translations.

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