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Reverse Cell Phone Listings – 3 Myths Uncovered

Listings of phone numbers is nothing new as phone directories have been around for a long time and reverse phone searches have also been an easy Bahamas Mobile Database thing to do on regular phone directory sites. Reverse cell phone listings however are a little newer and have a whole bunch of issues associated with them that have managed to attract a few myths and mistruths about the reverse cell phone directories that are out there on the net. As with any myth its sole purpose is to misrepresent … and to be BUSTED which is what this article will do.

Myth 1: Finding the owners of cell phone numbers is an invasion of privacy!

Discovering the identity of a cell phone owner is NOT an invasion of privacy, it is not illegal and it is not immoral if we look at it in the context of reverse lookups of land lines which are freely available. Cell phones are no different except cell phone data is harder to get, apart from that there is nothing illegal about a reverse look up in the USA and Canada anyway. The only reason they seem a little bit different and therefore may seem to be a bit secretive perhaps is that they are quite separate from regular phone directories because the data comes from very different places. In the end cell phone data is free to distribute and list, it is just not law that they are freely available.

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