Automatically send NPS survey to your customers for free

The result of this is cleaner programming code . Thus, it Automatically send brings some advantages: Personalization Exclusivity ranking Scalability What is a ready-made theme? Ready-made themes are generic layout templates for websites, free or not. It needs to be installed on the website and the content can be customized, but the layout is fixed. As it is generic, it has a high number of functionalities , after all, whoever designed it needs to reach a larger number of people. But companies that contract the service will not always use such functions. The main advantages of this model are: Ease of website development Shorter time to implementation.

The benefits of the NPS survey

Now that you understand the difference between them, here are some aspects that will help you choose between them: Optimization As said before, ready-made layouts are programmed to reach a larger number of buyers, so it usually adds a lot of functionality in lines of code. This happens because whoever made it does not know exactly who will use it and, therefore, assigns many functions to the project. The problem with this is Colombia WhatsApp Number List that using multiple plugins and code snippets increases your site’s load time considerably . Many times, ready-made themes have features that you don’t need, but that are there, overloading the page .

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Improves business management

On the other hand, a custom-made layout does not face this kind of problem . After all, it was strategically designed for that business. So, it won’t have features that are irrelevant. Security In addition to the problem with loading pages and poor ranking that comes with ready-made themes, we cannot fail to warn about security. The use of many plugins and code snippets can create security holes on the website , compromising data security. How about USA Person using visual editors? Div, Elementor, Visual Composer, WP Bakery etc. are plugins that offer features for building pages with visual editors very similar to platforms like Wix.


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