As mention earlier an L-cut is when audio from

I’ve add another clip to my project and nam it Primary-Footage-2. The new clip contains a second person that will be speaking. I ne to begin with the first speaker. Speaker A. and then transition to the second speaker. Speaker B. it your own videos with Camtasia Download a free trial of Camtasia to quickly and easily it your own videos. Download a free trial! To do this. begin the video with Speaker A. After a few seconds of Speaker A talking. I use an L-cut to switch the video to the b-roll. Then. near the end of the b-roll.

I cut to the audio from Speaker B.

After a moment or two playing b-roll and Speaker B’s audio. I will cut to the video of Speaker B using a J-cut. Check out the image below to see how this looks on the Camtasia timeline. L-cut follow  country email list  by a J-cut on the Camtasia timeline. The L-cut and J-cut in this sequence make the transition between speakers feel natural. as oppos to a jarring jump cut from Speaker A to Speaker B. Now that you know what they look like and how to set them up. try getting creative with some L-cuts and J-cuts in your own projects.

They’re a simple way to add

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A professional touch to any video. If you enjoy this primer on L-cuts and J-cuts. you might be interest in our post about common video iting mistakes! The Guide to Recording High Quality audio The Guide to Recording High Quality audio Are you wondering how to go USA Person  record high-quality audio? You may think it’s as simple as buying an expensive microphone and diving in but there’s a lot more to it than that. There are many choices to make and steps to take to ensure that your audio recording is high quality and brings value to your project. Throughout this guide. we’ll share all you ne to know about audio recording.


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