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Creating a content ecosystem many people have begun to see that the higher the competition in content production, the more hope that it will “scorching” on just one platform will not be as easy as before. In addition, brands must learn that consumers do not consume content and expect only one platform. Creating an entire content ecosystem is something that marketing communications professionals must put in place carefully. Now, I have to say first that the ecosystem is not a “complete”, but a necessary and strategic placement.

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Really responds to marketing nes. In addition, being an ecosystem will also help “Receive-send” content users to the next level. Go where you put it for example, people see Guangdong Phone Number content at search and go read more on the website. Then saw additional content from facebook etc. 4. Creating content that is more dynamic with a variety of platforms and factors that change the behavior of content consumption to become more complex. Content makers therefore have to give a good interpretation of what kind of content we should create. Which category of content is suitable for what format.

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For example, some content may be suitable for short form content, while others are suitable for short video content, and some for long ucation content, etc. We are living in a world where there are no fix rules. And the principle of building a traditional framework, divid into pillar / percentage, may USA Person Data not work as before anymore. If we want higher communication efficiency, we have to learn and adapt faster than before. 5. Quit reciting “viral movies” for now. It’s not that I don’t agree with video content that is made into a “Movie”, but I find that the things that are made there are very few cases to “Win the lottery” as the brand wants. And the more days people use social mia, they start to know.

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