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Assuming that there are 300 people with a network. An average of 200 people play campaigns, you will see that the message from playing selfie this should. Be able to reach 60,000 people (think quickly. And if you win the lottery, meet someone with an influencer to play with. It will probably reach another big lot. That’s why we often see campaigns with influencers involv. For this reason we’ll probably see some selfie-taking activities with brands for quite some time. In addition, nowadays, there are many selfies, including facebook, twitter, instagram, which each brand is working diligently and having fun.

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An to illustrate, we took a look at unmetric ‘s infographic on which brands are making selfie content and selfie activities, and it’s a trend that’s steadily booming. Will lose popularity therefore, any brand that is thinking about creating content for themselves maybe try to think about using selfie Taiyuan Phone Number as a component as well as doing a campaign as well. Because that’s probably a trend that has been made fun of with people’s behavior already. Selfy-unmetric-infographic-2014 share the knowlge! Facebookinstagramselfietwittermarketingtrend see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article content hacker – growth hacking and content marketing mix next article 5 mistakes that will make your content marketing on facebook fail.

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Relat posts marketing trend 2014: what are international marketers interest in this year? 02092014 start learning marketing start studying marketing how USA Person Data to start digital marketing that should be stopp in 2017 01222017 thoughts although digital marketing is a trend in today’s marketing that is call to watch. But it’s not that every things of digital marketing will always make sense or be trendy. Because some things have become old-fashion and should not be done anymore. Today’s blog, so I’m going to pick up some of the things we may have (or didn’t) do in digital marketing and should stop doing.

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