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Content_trend_01 2. Text-bas original content is the most popular, follow by curat content. Content_trend_2 interestingly, original content in the form of visual and video is still equally popular. 3. Content groups that marketers are interest in are original visual and original video. Content_trend_03 4. Original content is the type of content that marketers consider to be the most important. Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 3.54.39 pm further thought marketers are all focus on creating original content very much. Text (blog) content is still very popular.

Or Helping The Target Group

Partly because it is content on the website that calls for seo from the target audience. (in fact, I also said that in foreign countries, content marketing has start to look at blogs, not just facebook twitter.) visual video content is likely to become popular soon. Because it works when publish on Tongliao Phone Number social mia (such as facebook twitter youtube). How ready are brands to produce content to communicate with their audience online? Especially with original content that requires a considerable amount of investment. Share the knowlge! Content marketingsocial mia see more details when brands turn to selfie marketing [infographic] 02152014 content marketingsocial mia marketing if talking about standard campaigns that I often get present by customers often.

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The Generat Content May No Longer

Is to take a picture of yourself with the product to win a chance to be the lucky winner of various prizes. Which is to say, it is probably the most basic marketing technique today. (type to look at any brand and do something like this) in which case, it probably corresponds to today’s trend USA Person Data where consumers are all us to making selfies. In fact it’s not uncommon for brands to use selfies in their campaigns. As we all know, a selfie is a bit like “showing yourself” to a person’s network. Like myself, I have tens of thousands of friend + follower (if counting both fb + twitter.

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