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As New York’s Empire State . Posing as tourists. they us the scene as a backdrop and ask unsuspecting passers-by to take their photos. At the time. passers-by were expecting tourists to hand them cameras. Everything became stranger when the cast ask passers-by if they could use their cell phones. At that time. it was still a new product that most people didn’t know about. When passers-by hold the mobile phone in their hands.

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The actors describe this mobile phone as Czech Republic Phone Number List cool.  right decision. However. most passers-by have no idea how in order to do this. a camera phone should work. so the actors took over the product descriptions. Sony Ericsson’s successful stealth marketing campaign has the following advantages over traditional TV or print advertising campaigns. Unusual experience for customers New product Innovative personal experience Word-of-mouth product description Social via mobile Making an impact among peer groups The second campaign aim.

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To house the actors in trendy bars and lounges.  scripts of different scenes in order to better talk to strangers. As the conversation unfold. the USA Person phone rang and the actor answer. Phones are design so that strangers can see incoming calls and even display a photo of the caller. Another new feature then. In another scene. two women play an interactive version of the game Battleship on the bar’s ceiling. A few years later. cellphone maker BlackBerry ( ) took a similar approach to its.


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